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Plant One - 135 Main Street, Horton, MI 49246

Plant one facility houses Lomar sales staff, engineering department, purchasing and assembly department for Lomar's standard and custom line of products.

Lomar Plant 1 Facility

Plant Two - 7595 Moscow Road, Horton, MI 49246

Plant two facility is utilized for assembly of private label, direct ship programs for industrial and aerospace product lines.

Lomar Plant 2 Facility

Plant Three - 5931 Coats Road, Horton, MI 49246

Plant three is our CNC machining facility, manufactured components for Lomar's product lines and outside job shop machining services are manufactured in this facility.

Lomar Plant 3 Facility

Plant Four - 104 West Main Street, Hanover, MI 49241

Plant four is utilized for metal fabrication, for Lomar's product line and outside job shop fabrication services.

Lomar Plant 4 Facility

Plant Five - 7755 King Road, Spring Arbor, MI 49283

Plant five is utilized for fabrication, assembly and testing of industrial products for a private label direct ship program.

Lomar Plant 5 Facility

Plant Six - 5881 Coats, Horton, MI 49246

Plant six currently under construction is expected to be completed spring of 2017. The new facility will accommodate Lomar's engineering design team and machine assembly department.

Lomar Plant Six Assembly Building

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